Day 2 Lateral Flow Testing Is Crucial For UK Travellers

Travelers planning a trip to the United Kingdom will be able to take advantage of a new COVID-19 testing procedure that will go into effect this week. Users will appreciate how simple and inexpensive the new method is. As a result, all you need to do to avoid costly testing procedures is plan ahead of time. Continue reading to learn about the constraints and techniques you should be aware of to save money and time.

Day 2 lateral flow testing is one of the most efficient and cheapest tests available. It is normally completed on the second day to confirm virus-free status. Whatever happens must occur on or before the second day of the visitor’s stay, whichever comes first. 

Additionally, searching the internet and following some news to stay up to date on current and changing travel laws in the United Kingdom is advised.

How Do You Conduct A Day 2 Lateral Flow Test?

Anyone who has received vaccinations intends to travel to England from a country, not on the red list. You must make arrangements for airline-provided lodgings as well as pay for a COVID-19 immunization before the day of your flight. They will require you to provide your booking reference on your Passenger Locator Form, which is why you should prepare ahead of time.

Travelers must schedule an appointment to get the procedure performed on or before the end of day 2 to be considered eligible. The first day of the week is the day of your arrival. It indicates that you have complied with all of the testing requirements upon your arrival at the airport.

 The vast majority of airports have testing facilities available to passengers. However, while they are more expensive than doing your test at home, they may save you time and frustration in the long run. In addition to this, the staff at these testing centres are experienced and highly trained. They are there to help ensure that you get accurate results from your day 2 lateral flow test

Antigen testing is now permissible in the absence of a PCR result. It must come from a private source that the UK government has approved. The day 2 lateral flow test is available to book online and can be purchased for very affordable prices. 

Steps To Follow When Travelling Abroad

After completing the Day 2 lateral flow test, you must provide proof to your airline for their records. If you fail to provide proof that you have had a negative test returned, you may find that you face legal charges and you will be prevented from travelling on your flight. 

If the test is positive, you will be subject to ten days of self-isolation. Make sure you fill out a passenger tracking form at least 48 hours before your  scheduled return to the UK.

Which Company Offers The Most Affordable Test Kits?

The cost of international travel is significantly reduced when Day 2 lateral flow testing is performed. Furthermore, unlike PCR testing, the prices do not vary significantly. We found that Randox offered some of the best options available on a range of different testing services and testing kits in the UK. 

Day 2 PCR testing is easily accessible at local travel centres, with prices starting at £30.00