The 7 benefits of Digital PR

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Digital PR Strategies

Still too often, PR are seen as distinct and separate from marketing activities but, as you can see, PR can make the difference in an integrated marketing strategy.

Let’s see why.

They generate relevant links and improve search rankings

Digital PR allows you to receive quality backlinks from authoritative sites or blogs. This will not only increase the traffic on your site, but will allow you, thanks to the implementation of SEO strategies, to position yourself among the first results of the SERP; Google, in fact, rewards those websites that earn incoming links in a natural way and those contents that are able to answer users’ questions in a timely and relevant manner.

They generate social shares

Digital PR, together with a content marketing activity, will push people to share your posts or articles on social media. This will allow you to build a solid network of relationships and gain greater visibility.

Obviously, it will all depend on the knowledge of your audience and the level of engagement of your campaigns.

They increase the reputation and identity of your brand

The ease with which users can access your content and the quality of the same will increase your reputation by leveraging your brand identity and customer loyalty.

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They allow you to present the brand to a new and relevant audience

In an increasingly competitive online world, it can often be costly to intercept new audiences, particularly if they are highly targeted users.

But when you really understand the content your audience wants to enjoy and how you can get involved in their conversations, a Digital PR strategy can lead to great results.

They influence purchases

While increasing sales of products or services is not the primary goal of a Digital PR strategy, this could be a welcome side effect. Some contents, in fact, naturally transmit your Unique Selling Proposition and your brand values ​​to potential customers.

They provide a tangible way to measure success

Digital marketing allows you to track almost every aspect of interaction success. This can help you identify what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to run better campaigns in the future.

They can be low budget

Especially in the early days of activity, a Digital PR campaign does not require particularly high investments. Identifying the most relevant content to your target and channeling it on the right channels can in itself determine satisfactory results for your brand.

Like all marketing activities, however, even those of Digital PR need an upstream strategy that is able to plan the actions to be taken and measure the results.