Public Relations Expert

pubic relations


The public relations expert is responsible for managing and controlling the communication flows between the company for which he works and the external environment in which the company operates. It manages and develops public relations systems, with analysis and research functions, planning and management of specific communication programs.

Working activity

The main task of the public relations expert is to identify and make the best use of communication strategies and tools, in order to manage relations with the press, promote the image of a given company and, finally, organize exhibitions and events of various types.

On the basis of the company objectives and strategies, the expert:

  • Defines and coordinates both the communication and the promotion of the products on the market.
  • It constantly monitors the outcome of promotions according to the objectives and communication strategies and identifies and applies the appropriate modifications.
  • Checks the promotional activity of competitors to improve the strategies and operations of the company for which it acts and make them acquire competitiveness.

In practice, the PR must plan and organize social, cultural or political events, aimed at managing relations with the press, institutions and opinion groups and coordinating corporate activities with sponsorship and promotion projects. To do this, the ability to relate to others is a salient aspect of the job.

It has a role of great responsibility as, with its activity, it communicates the image of the company for which it works, it must therefore be able to make a precise assessment of the attitudes, expectations, internal and external behavior of the organization.

It uses an instrumentation that includes the telephone, the PC, the main software application tools.

pr expert

Professional profile

To work as a public relations expert you will need to:

  • Have excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Knowing how to plan the work and make the changes necessary to achieve the desired results.
  • Be dynamic and endowed with initiative.

You will need to know communication strategies, brand policies, the characteristics of the company system (organizational theory, structure, mechanisms and processes), IT tools and at least one foreign language.

Your skills should include:

  • The development of a communication budget.
  • The planning and control of communication activities, identifying and defining the use of the means according to the communication strategies.
  • The management of promotional activities, the relationship with the customer and with communication, advertising and promotion agencies.
  • Analysis and control of competitor activities.