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What AI applications are used in Public Relations?

Marketing and PR

Marketing and public relations were once viewed as two distinct concepts. The goal of marketing was to promote the products or services, while public relations dealt with the promotion and image of the brand. In the past, the marketing department and the public relations department worked separately with many brands that did not consider public relations as part of the Marketing Mix.


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How PR Professionals Do IT

What Are Public Relations?

Public relations experts, also known as communication experts or media specialists, are usually hired by businesses or corporations to keep a positive public image in the media, address any issues …

pubic relations

Public Relations Expert

Description The public relations expert is responsible for managing and controlling the communication flows between the company for which he works and the external environment in which the company operates. …

corporate crisis

PR to Prevent Corporate Crises

Communication and Public relations for Corporate Crisis Management The public relations team plays a key role in carrying out a crisis management program. When a crisis, large or small, hits …