5 Email Marketing Automation Tools For Marketers

  • Marketing automation is for everyone. Small businesses of all sizes may gain from a marketing automation software system, and marketing firms in particular see great value in integrating an automated marketing system into their business plan. Marketing automation also gives you extensive analytics and reporting, so that you can demonstrate your value to your current customers as well as potential ones. If used effectively, marketing automation software applications can help even small firms create a profitable niche in their chosen industry. However, what is the best marketing automation platform for your business?

Effective Automation Platforms

  • Mailchimp: This popular email marketing automation platform enables you to easily manage and run multiple email campaigns. You can create and schedule the creation of emails and even track their distribution on a daily basis. Create and send out custom messages and track the results. Send emails on a regular schedule to targeted contacts or as reminders to bring your prospects back to your website or blog. You can even integrate this platform with other popular web-based business software applications such as Commission Junction and ClickBank.
  • Getresponse: Like Mailchimp, Getresponse offers a robust and feature-rich solution for managing your marketing automation business. This platform helps you manage your leads, prospects and customers with predictive analytics and an integrated marketing automation platform. This company offers a full range of digital products and services, including email marketing.
  • Campaign Manager Pro: This powerful platform is ideal for managing multiple email campaigns. You can set up email campaigns based on triggers such as keywords or market segments. You can easily split test a variety of marketing efforts by scheduling email campaigns and performing performance monitoring. Campaign Manager Pro offers advanced features for tracking and segmentation of customer data. It also enables you to run mobile marketing efforts. Campaign Manager Pro supports importing and exporting of customer database and works perfectly well with any internet-connected computer.
  • AWeber: Another powerful service offering customizable event-triggered emails that you can trigger in minutes. With AWeber, marketers can instantly engage customers at the right time. This powerful sales automation tool helps you segment customer leads and measure their response rates. Additionally, AWeber delivers customized email campaigns with one-touch support for all your marketing efforts, including lead capture, follow-up and lead management. You can even import customer information from AWeber to automate tasks such as survey collecting and customer relationship management.
  • Campaign Builder Pro: Online marketers have long known the power of email automation tools. It doesn’t matter whether your business is small, medium or big – you can achieve your marketing goals by implementing email automation into your business. In fact, Campaign Builder Pro helps you gain an upper hand in the competitive market by helping you grow your business in the most cost-effective way. Through easy to use templates and advanced targeting options, you are able to create dynamic campaigns that will boost sales and bring in more customers. When combined with AWeber, you can gain access to an extensive database of contacts, which will give you an edge over your competitors.